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Who is Coprotec?
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Coprotec has emerged from a small family owned enterprise – the firm of Köhler Präzision. The company was founded by Hans-Georg Köhler in 1960 and has been continued in the second generation by Klaus Köhler until today.
You will find our chronicle here.

In the background of our long lasting experience and a constant drive and motivation to look for new challenges, we offer our clientele a knowledge specifically related to manufacturing which offers unequalled opportunities.

Long ago, we stopped acting as a pure „toll-manufacturer“ who first starts dealing with the product at the time the client knows how it has to look like when it will be finished.
The way of getting to the finished product is very important and determines quality and production costs! Therefore we have already been more and more included in our client’s development processes which enables us to contribute our know-how already in the early phase of production.

In order to be able to offer our clients more than the mere paid labour, we have established a network of reliable suppliers for the acquisition of material, thermal treatment, coatings, testing systems etc. over many years. For our clients, we can thus act as a manufacturer who deals with the complete production process taking responsibility for the product quality as a whole at the same time, a fact which has been appreciated by our clients for many years.

The search for a still better solution must keep us on the go!

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